Hi! I'm Niki. And I know wine. 

I've always been into wine but always found myself drinking the same thing. So a few years ago I decided to get serious. I wanted to expand my palate, and maybe even help others with their own wine adventures. Now I'm certified by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and have an ever-expanding bottle collection in my basement. I've started this blog so I can share what I've learned and some favourite wines. I also offer in-home wine tastings for anyone looking for a more interactive experience.

I'm passionate about natural wines, wines with character and a sense of place, and – most of all – wines that are affordable, expressive, and fun. I don't think you should have to spend more than $25 (if that) to bring home a value-driven wine that will delight you.

Living in Ontario, I'm beholden to the LCBO but I make an effort to get out to wine country regularly and visit Toronto's wine bars for special sips. Sometimes I even force family and friends to bring me bottles from abroad. There's a world of wine to explore, and I want to taste every last drop.

I know wine can be intimidating, but it should be fun and stress-free. It's just fermented grape juice, after all. So let's get to know wine together. I want to help you discover your new favourite varieties, styles, and bottles.